Hospitality: Hotels, Restaurants, and Bars

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The Dallas Metro is expanding rapidly as more people relocate from other areas of the country. As a result, the demand for hospitality businesses is growing accordingly. DCC provides commercial construction solutions for those in the hospitality industry, specializing in hotels, bars, and restaurants.

Contact Dallas Commercial Construction to discuss your new commercial construction or general contracting needs for your hotel, bar, restaurant, or hospitality space. We will offer insight into the best way to get your project done within your needs. 

Hospitality: Hotels, Restaurants, and Bars Commercial Construction

Building a hotel, restaurant, or bar requires many important considerations and decisions.

  • What is the ideal size of the space according to needs?
  • What portion of the space will be dedicated to food and beverage prep, storage, in comparison to space dedicated to customer use?
  • What sub-market is your hospitality business geared towards?

Answers to these and many other considerations will help DCC help make your project successful.

We begin with creating a custom design plan specifically geared to the needs of the hospitality space you envision. Once the specific design process is determined, DCC continues to work with you throughout the project until completion. During preconstruction and construction, we work closely with architects, construction engineers, and local municipalities to ensure our work is in line with your vision and meeting code requirements. 

It’s our company mission is to provide the highest quality commercial general contracting services at competitive prices while delivering high levels of customer service throughout the project.

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Whether you are looking for new commercial construction, an uplift to an existing space, a remodel or commercial general contracting, contact Dallas Commercial Construction to discuss your project!

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Hotel, Restaurant, & Bar Commercial General Contracting

Do you envision a facelift for your hotel, bar, restaurant or hospitality space? Are you seeking a more updated, modern, contemporary look to stay relevant in the competitive hospitality market?
Dallas Commercial Construction can assist with all Commercial General Contracting to renovate and remodel your current space. 

We specialize in:

  • Hotel, Bar, and  Restaurant Renovation
  • Hotel, Bar, and Restaurant Restoration
  • Expansion of Hospitality Spaces
  • Wiring, HVAC, & Plumbing for all Hospitality Spaces
  • Interior Design Services

DCC understands the importance of ensuring that hotel, bar, and restaurants are up to code and closely follow zoning and other laws. We work carefully with all stakeholders in your commercial general contracting project to ensure safety and regulatory needs are met so you can get back to business as quickly as possible.

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Where we work

We are happy to work for hospitality businesses in the greater Dallas Metro area and beyond!
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